Is Modi a farce or fruition

No, it's not about Nirav Modi, the fraud, taking refuge probably in the United States of America or Hong Kong. Strange are the ways of the West who haunt Edward Snowden, a messiah of the common man, but shelter frauds in their havens. Perhaps, the Man of the Moment, being the smart pants he is,… Continue reading Is Modi a farce or fruition


The American Soldier (A Short Story)

05th April, 1865. I was disturbed. The war was about to end. I could fathom out why my nation was in pieces. “We are not enemies, but friends; we must not be enemies. One state cannot become a nation; so does not a group of like-minded people become landlords of the land we belong to;… Continue reading The American Soldier (A Short Story)

Where do we come from? Where are we going?

These two fundamental questions of human creation and existence were the cornerstone of Dan Brown: Origin. A beautifully crafted book by an author grappling with an ageing audience that demands views and not just facts; an audience that prefers an insight into the future with the luxury of the past. Nonetheless, Brown has amazed many… Continue reading Where do we come from? Where are we going?